Log In Links for Your Laravel App During Development

Laravel Login Link is a Blade component to quickly login to your local environment.

Convert your Bootstrap CSS to Tailwind with Tailwindo

Tailwindo automatically converts Bootstrap component classes to Tailwind utility classes. Now it’s easier than ever to switch from Bootstrap to Tailwind.

Restructuring a Laravel Controller using Services, Events, Jobs, Actions, and more

In this tutorial, learn some of the ways you can refactor a controller and utilize services, events, jobs, actions and more

Laravel Comments Package

Laravel Comments is a premium comments package for applications using PHP 8.1+ and Laravel 9+ by Spatie.

Laravel Route Grouping: 6 Techniques to Organize Routes

There are techniques to make the route files shorter and more readable, grouping routes and their settings in different ways. In this tutorial, learn six tips and tricks to better organize them.

Service Providers in Laravel: What They Are and How to Use Them

For those who haven't actively used Service Providers in Laravel, it's a mystical "term": what "service" do they actually "provide", and how exactly does it all work? I will explain it in this article.

Laravel Roles and Permissions: Gates and Policies Explained

In Laravel, roles and permissions have been one of the most confusing topics over the years. Mostly, because there is no documentation about it: the same things "hide" under other terms in the framework, like "gates", "policies", "guards", etc. In this article, I will try to explain them all in "human language".

Laravel Livewire: 14 Tips & Tricks

Learn about 14 hidden gems in Laravel Livewire

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