Livewire Added File Upload Support (And It’s Kind of a Game-Changer)

Laravel Livewire now includes support for file uploads and uses “side-loading”, but hides all the complexity for you (with ZERO configuration), providing you with the experience of a traditional form submission, but with a handful of awesome upgrades.

Simple one-time password authentication in Laravel

When dealing with Authentication in Laravel, there are several options out of the box. However, sometimes you need something more specific. This tutorial will look at how we can add a one-time password approach to our authentication flow.

Manage PHP and Valet from the macOS Status Bar

PHP Monitor is a lightweight macOS menubar app for managing PHP and Valet services.

Laravel Telescope Dev Toolbar

Barry vd. Heuvel released a powerful toolbar for Laravel Telescope based on the Symfony web profiler.

Handle SEO for Your Models With this Laravel Package

The ralphjsmit/laravel-seo package handles the SEO in any Laravel application, big or small.

Laravel Security 101: Never trust your users

As a developer, we absolutely cannot trust our users. Ever! In this tutorial learn tips and tricks to keep your application safe.

Use Emmet-style Abbreviations in Blade Components

Laravel Blade Emerald provides Emmet-like abbreviations to Blade Components.

Cache Chunks of Your Blade Markup With Ease

Laravel Blade Cache Directive is a package by Ryan Chandler that allows you to cache chunks of Blade files.

Automated Localization of Laravel Projects with Localazy and GitHub Actions

Learn how to fully automate the localization of your Laravel projects with Localazy translation management platform and GitHub Actions in this article.

Style Guide Generator for Tailwind CSS

BeyondCode launched a Style Guide Generator for Tailwind CSS to generate a sharable style guide from a tailwind configuration file.


Add Likes, Bookmarks, Favorites, and Other Marks in your Application With Laravel Markable

Laravel Markable is a package to Integrate likes, bookmarks, favorites, reactions, and custom-made marks into your application.

Learn how to start Testing in Laravel with Simple Examples using PHPUnit and PEST

In this tutorial, learn how easy it is to start with automated testing in Laravel.

Manage Application Redirects with the Laravel Redirection Package

Laravel Redirection is a Laravel +8 package to manage URL redirections inside your Laravel application.

Laravel Jetstream: Add CRUD with Spatie Permission

I see many people struggle with customizing Jetstream after installation, and with adding more functionality. So, in this article, let's add a simple CRUD with roles/permissions, on top of Jetstream.

Kinetic: A view-composer package for Inertia.js

Kinetic adds view-composer-like features to the Inertia.js Laravel adapter.

Eloquent Performance: 4 Examples of N+1 Query Problems

Eloquent performance is typically the main reason for slow Laravel projects. A big part of that is a so-called "N+1 Query Problem". In this article, I will show a few different examples of what to watch out for, including the cases when the problem is "hidden" in unexpected places in the code.

Learn how to start Testing in Laravel with Simple Examples using PHPUnit and PEST

In this tutorial, learn how easy it is to start with automated testing in Laravel.

API Integrations using Saloon in Laravel

We have all been there, we want to integrate with a 3rd party API in Laravel and we ask ourselves "How should I do this?", is Saloon the right choice for you?

Skip Webpack when Testing

Learn how to skip Webpack during your tests or your CI pipeline

Laravel firstOrNew, firstOrCreate, firstOr, and updateOrCreate methods

In this article, we go over some handy Laravel eloquent features like firstOrNew, firstOrCreate, firstOr, and updateOrCreate and explain how they might be useful.

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