Building your website using Jigsaw

As developers, the chance of you having a personal website is pretty high. After all, it is what we do - and most likely, you have rebuilt this countless times.

Event Sourcing in Laravel

Event Sourcing is a term that has been getting more popular in the PHP community over the last few years, but it still remains a mystery to many developers.

How I develop applications with Laravel

I get asked a lot about how you work with Laravel. So in this tutorial, I will walk through my typical approach to building a Laravel application.

Zero Hassle CLI Application with Laravel Zero

How can I put this? CLI apps are cool. The ability to open a terminal anywhere and just run a command to do a job that might have taken you much longer.

Email Scheduler Package for Laravel

The Mailator package is a lightweight email scheduler for Laravel.

Add Version Control to Laravel Models

Version Control for Laravel is a package that provides database version control for Eloquent models.

Create Select Options from Enums, Laravel Models, and more

Laravel Options by Spatie is a package to create lists of options from different sources

Logging external HTTP Requests with Laravel Telescope

The biggest issue with working with third-party APIs is that we have very little visibility. We integrate them into our code base and test them.

Add Useful Info to the Laravel About Command

Learn how to add custom output to the new Laravel about command.

Using Laravel Model Factories in your tests

Laravel Model factories are one of the best features you can use in your application for testing. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use them


How to Optimize Laravel Application Performance

Some of the suggestions below may not improve the speed of your specific application, but you can try all of them, and with trial and error, you will see what is best for you.

Working with Data in API Integrations

Working with third party APIs can be frustrating, we get plain old array - and we send data as arrays too. What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way?

Building your own Laravel Packages

Sharing code has never been more accessible, and installing PHP packages has become convenient, building packages not so much.

Statix Server is an Object-oriented Wrapper for PHP's Built-in Server

Statix Server is an object-oriented wrapper around PHP's built-in server.

Vite Livewire Plugin

The Laravel Livewire Plugin for Vite configures apps to use Vite with Livewire.

Deep dive into Laravel Livewire

Create a simple blogging app using Laravel Livewire, a full-stack Laravel framework for building dynamic interfaces.

Eloquent Attribute Casting

Eloquent Castable attributes are one of the more powerful features of Laravel, some people use them religiously while others tend to shy away from them.

Custom Route Files

In this tutorial, learn how to create custom routes files that do not set sessions.

Laravel Console Spinner

Laravel Console Spinner is a custom spinning progress bar for Laravel inspired by the Symfony Console Spinner.

Add Version Control to Laravel Models

Version Control for Laravel is a package that provides database version control for Eloquent models.

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