Build UI Dashboards For Your Laravel Models

Model Stats for Laravel is a package that gives you a statistics dashboard for your Laravel application.

Google Chat Laravel Notification Channel

The Google Chat notification package for Laravel makes it easy to send Laravel notifications to a Google Chat room.

Laravel HTTP Client Logger

HTTP Client Logger is a logger for the built-in Laravel HTTP client.

Laravel Blade Sortable

Laravel Blade Sortable provides custom blade components to add sortable, drag-and-drop HTML elements in your Laravel apps.

18 Tips to Optimize Your Laravel Database Queries

These 18 laravel performance optimization tips for optimizing database queries will help you skyrocket your laravel application performance.

Custom Route Files

In this tutorial, learn how to create custom routes files that do not set sessions.

Ban Eloquent Models With the Laravel Ban Package

Laravel Ban is a package that simplifies blocking and banning Eloquent models. Using this package, you can make a model "bannable" in minutes.

Laravel Geographical Calculator

Laravel Geographical Calculator helps you implement geographical calculation with several algorithms that help you deal with coordinates.

Track the Health of Your Application With Laravel Health

Laravel Health is a package by Spatie to monitor the health of your applications. It provides checks, notifications, and results to monitor the health of your app.

Livewire Form Builder

Filament Form Builder is a package you can use to build forms using the TALL (Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire) stack.


Add FaceID and TouchID Login to Your Laravel Apps

Fast Login for Laravel is a plugin to allow your users to login with FaceID/TouchID.

Laravel Google Fonts Package

Laravel Google Fonts is a package by Spatie to manage self-hosted Google Fonts in Laravel apps.

Laravel real-time Code Execution Monitoring

Inspector creates a monitoring environment specifically designed for software developers avoiding any server or infrastructure configuration that many developers hate to deal with

Automated Localization of Laravel Projects with Localazy and GitHub Actions

Learn how to fully automate the localization of your Laravel projects with Localazy translation management platform and GitHub Actions in this article.

Cache Chunks of Your Blade Markup With Ease

Laravel Blade Cache Directive is a package by Ryan Chandler that allows you to cache chunks of Blade files.

Use Emmet-style Abbreviations in Blade Components

Laravel Blade Emerald provides Emmet-like abbreviations to Blade Components.

Enforcing Morph Maps in Laravel

Instead of relying on developers to remember to register polymorphic aliases, Laravel 8.59 brings a new `requireMorphMap` method to strictly enforce aliases being set.

ORM Caching Package for Laravel

LaraCache is an ORM-based package for Laravel to create, update and manage cache items based on model queries.

Laravel Pint

The long awaited hype train is finally over, Laravels latest open source CLI app has been released and we got our hands on it to tell you all about it.

Reader Question: Why did you choose Statamic for Laravel News?

Steve McDougall asked us how we've adapted to Statamic and what made us choose this as a CMS system. In this post, we will go through some of the decision-making processes and explain how our setup works.

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