Laravel Prose Linter

Laravel Prose Linter is a package that provides syntax-aware proofreading for your Laravel application.

Laravel Auto Routes Package

The Auto Routes package for Laravel is generates routes from a controller using auto-discovery.

Laravel Themer package: add multi-theme support for Laravel application

Laravel Themer package adds multi-theme support to your Laravel application. It also provides a simple authentication scaffolding and presets for Bootstrap, Tailwind, Vue, and React as a starting point for building a Laravel application.

How a code-driven monitoring tool can help you deliver successful software products

Learn how a code-driven monitoring tool can help you deliver successful software products

Log Routes Statistics for Users and Teams

Laravel Route Statistics is a package by @bilfeldt to log stats about users and teams usage of routes in a Laravel application.

Blade Component to Serve Images and Download Files

Smart makes it possible to serve images and download files from any location, including Laravel disks within a Laravel application.

GetCandy E-commerce Package for Laravel

GetCandy is a package that brings functionality akin to Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to Laravel.

Primitive Types in Controllers and Closure Routes

I recently saw an issue with type-hinting controller actions, so I’d like to demonstrate a few examples where you can safely use primitive types controllers

E-commerce package for Laravel

Next year ArchTech is releasing a new e-commerce solution for Laravel.

Laravel Job Chainer

Laravel Job Chainer is a package to chain Laravel jobs without having to glue them together with a starting job.


Provide Country and Other Locale Data in Laravel

Laravel World is a package providing a list of the countries, states, cities, currencies, and timezones.

Automatically Sanitize Model Data

Laravel Model Sanitize is a package for handling the sanitization process of model data when creating and updating records.

Immutable IP Address Library For PHP

The darsyn/ip package by Zan Baldwin is an Immutable value object for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Rich Text for Laravel

Rich Text Laravel integrates the Trix Editor with Laravel.

PHP Pipe Operator Package

PHP Pipe Operator is a package that provides a userland implementation of the pipe operator in PHP.

API Version Control in Laravel

API Version Control is a package by Reindert Vetter designed to manage versions of API endpoints elegantly.

Regex Helpers for Laravel

The hotmeteor/regex package is a set of ready-made regex helper methods for use in your Laravel application.

Laravel Stats: Track Application Stats and Their Change Over Time

Laravel Stats is a package by Spatie to easily track application stats like orders, subscriptions, and users, and their change over time.

Blade Component to Render Markdown in Laravel

Laravel Markdown is a highly configurable markdown renderer and Blade component by the folks at Spatie.

Aloia — A Flat-file CMS for Laravel 9

Aloia CMS is a flat-file content management system for Laravel 9.

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