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Laravel — популярний і вкрай зручний для створення веб-ресурсів php-фреймворк.

З його допомогою створюються проекти різного рівня складності з виразним і структурованим кодом і логічною архітектурою. Laravel підтримується і динамічно розвивається, незважаючи на молодий вік (перший запуск датується 2011 роком) він встиг обрости значних розмірів екосистемою і вважається одним з кращих фреймворків.



Ресурс для навчання

Writing to the Database with Eloquent

Eloquent is one of the most powerful and amazing features in a modern framework today. From casting data to value objects, transactions, and relationships.

Upcoming Livewire v3 Features and Changes

In this article, learn about some of the big features coming to Laravel Livewire v3.

Avoiding Accidental Email Sends with alwaysTo()

Sometimes we accidentally send thousands of emails to real customers from our staging environment. There are lots of ways to avoid this, but Laravel has a nice, easy method out of the box!

Calculating Mathematical Statistics in PHP

Hi-Folks/statistics is a PHP package that provides functions for calculating mathematical statistics of numeric data.

Encrypt and Decrypt Eloquent Model Fields in Laravel Apps

Laravel Ciphersweet is a package to integrate searchable field-level encryption in Laravel applications.

Setting up your Data Model in Laravel

The data model is one of the most important parts of any Laravel application, many systems are designed around this data model so we approach it first.

Build WebSocket infrastructure in-house or outsource to the experts?

Ably surveyed over 500 engineering leaders: to understand the challenges they faced when building and maintaining their own realtime, event-driven, WebSocket infrastructure to create live and collaborative experiences for end users. Chat, order delivery tracking, live streaming, virtual events and simultaneous document...

Get Helpful Information about Models in Laravel

Laravel Model Info is a package by Spatie to get information on all the models in your Laravel project.

Creating Installer Commands for Laravel Packages

The Laravel Package Tools package by Spatie added a nifty feature we wanted to help share with the community: streamlined install commands for Laravel packages.

From idea, to blog, to live without leaving your IDE

Content management is a very opinionated topic, and everyone has their favorite platform they like to use.

Cagilo: Blade Components for Laravel

Cagilo is a set of open-source Blade components for the Laravel framework.

A Package to Require Approval Before Peristing Model Data

The Laravel Approval package requires approval of new Model data before being persisted.

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