Require Signatures and Associate Them With Eloquent Models

Laravel pad signature is a package to sign documents associated with an Eloquent model and optionally generate certified PDFs.

Sanitize and Format Data in PHP with the Transformer Package

Transformer is a PHP package for sanitizing and formatting data powered by Laravel's validation components.

Unlock The Power Of TDD

Test-Driven development has become my preferred way of programming, and I want to show you why in my latest video course PEST Driven Laravel

Attach Time-sliced Metadata to Eloquent Models

Laravel Multiplex is a Laravel package to attach time-sliced metadata to Eloquent models.

Manage any Laravel app as if it was a CMS

Paragraph offers a new paradigm – instead of managing view templates, language files, translation keys and all that other boring stuff, let’s try to think about our product from a higher level, from a customer level really – let’s start working with pages, emails and user journeys instead!

Creating a Password Generator

Password generation is something we all think about doing at some point, but how can we go about doing it and making these passwords easy to remember and secure

Laravel Waterline: UI for Workflows

Laravel Waterline is an elegant UI for monitoring Laravel Workflows using the laravel-workflows package.

Using DTOs to keep context

DTOs, or Domain Transfer Objects, can be used for so much. Since PHP 8 was released, creating these fantastic classes in your projects has never been easier.

Learn how to upload files in Laravel like a Pro

One of the things that I see many people struggling with is file uploads. How do we upload a file in Laravel? What is the best way to upload a file?

Automating your OpenAPI Documentation

Over the years, as developers, we have always looked for ways that we can automate our documentation, from PHPDoc to Swagger and beyond.


OpenAI PHP Client

OpenAI PHP is a supercharged PHP API client that allows you to interact with OpenAI API.

Laravel Model Flags Package

Laravel Model Flags is a package by Spatie to allow you to add flags to an Eloquent model.

Multi-purpose Value Objects for Laravel

Laravel Value Objects is a collection of general-purpose value objects you can use in your Laravel application.

Ramsey UUID Adds Support for v8

The popular PHP UUID library by Ben Ramsey released a new version with support for UUID v8, custom UUIDs.

Dynamically Create and Destroy Servers with this Laravel Package

Laravel Dynamic Servers is a package by Spatie that helps you start and stop servers when needed.

Quickly test the performance of your Laravel app with the Benchmarking helper

With the release of Laravel 9.32, a benchmarking helper was introduced, which is useful for quickly testing performance of certain parts of your application.

User Notifications in Livewire with Megaphone

Megaphone is a Livewire UI for Laravel-based user notifications. It uses built-in Laravel notification features to allow you to add bell icons to your Livewire app.

Building a slide-over panel component with Livewire

I have been a fan of Laravel Livewire since it was first released, and I have used it many times to create great user interfaces for applications.

Writing to the Database with Eloquent

Eloquent is one of the most powerful and amazing features in a modern framework today. From casting data to value objects, transactions, and relationships.

Upcoming Livewire v3 Features and Changes

In this article, learn about some of the big features coming to Laravel Livewire v3.

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