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Cagilo: Blade Components for Laravel

Cagilo is a set of open-source Blade components for the Laravel framework.

A Package to Require Approval Before Peristing Model Data

The Laravel Approval package requires approval of new Model data before being persisted.

Search Across Multiple Eloquent Models With Cross-Eloquent Search

Laravel Cross-Eloquent Search is a package to search through multiple Eloquent models.

Using the AWS PHP SDK

Let's see how to use the AWS PHP SDK in this tutorial.

Fast Paginate for Laravel

Laravel Fast Paginate is a fast implementation of offset/limit pagination for Laravel by Aaron Francis

Behavioural Driven Development in Laravel

BDD or Behavioural Driven Development is a popular testing approach in many organizations and has a proven track record for uniting testing efforts in teams.

Remove Sensitive Information from Laravel Apps

Laravel Scrubber is a package to scrub sensitive information that breaks operational security policies from being leaked on accident or not by developers

Database Job Chains for Laravel

Laravel Haystack is a package for beautifully simple but powerful database-driven job chains.

Mail SPF Checker for Laravel

The Laravel Mail SPF Checker is a package to check if you can send an e-mail through a given mail server in the name of a given e-mail address.


Using Scout APM to Monitor a Laravel Application

Scout APM is a Laravel application performance monitoring tool that ties performance anomalies directly to endpoints, saving developers hours of time spent on troubleshooting and debugging.

Working with OS process in PHP

Sometimes you need to work with OS-level commands from your PHP application. Let's look at how we can do this and see if we can make the DX nicer.

Beautiful Log Viewer for Laravel

Laravel Log Viewer is a fast and beautiful Log Viewer written by Arunas Skirius.

Working with Laravel Model Events

When working with Eloquent Models, it is common to tap into the events dispatched through the Models lifecycle.

What is Application Performance Monitoring?

Application Performance Monitoring allows you to see what is happening inside your software applications in real-time. APM can give you the information to reduce cost, lower churn, and prevent interruptions in the availability of your business. Better understanding your customer interactions can give you paths to incre...

Customizing Stubs in Laravel

Learn how to customize stubs used to generate various classes in your Laravel application.

Short URL Package for Laravel Applications

Short URL by Ash Allen, is a package for creating shortened URLs to your existing Laravel applications.

Google Natural Language API for Laravel

The laravel-natural-language package makes using the Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) API in your Laravel app a breeze.

Tailwind Linter - Streamline your Tailwind project

The Tailwind Linter reviews your Tailwind project for lint by streamlining your Tailwind configuration as well as reviewing and sorting uses of the Tailwind utility classes. Requirements A project running...

Add Multiple Columns After a Column in Migrations

Laravel 8.27 introduces a new "after()" method on the Blueprint migration instance which allows you to add multiple columns after an existing column.

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