Cloudflare's Turnstile Captcha for Laravel

The turnstile-laravel package integrates Turnstile's Captcha verification API with Laravel applications.

Inspect and Develop Mail Templates with Laravel Mailbook

Laravel Mailbook is a package that lets you quickly inspect your mail templates without triggering them in your application.

Configuring Laravel Pint

Laravel Pint is the hot new thing from the Laravel team. An excellent wrapper around PHP CS Fixer that is my go-to code standards tool.

Automatic Docblock Generation on Facades

The Laravel team has been working on a tool to automatically generate Docblock generation on Facades included in the Laravel framework.

Laravel Deleted Models Package

The Laravel Deleted Models package by Spatie automatically copies deleted models to a separate table.

Leaning on the container

Laravel has a fantastic DI container, yet many people shy away from it. In this tutorial, I will walk through how I lean on Laravels container.

CRUD Operations Using Laravel Livewire

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to execute CRUD operations using Laravel Livewire.

New Static Constructors Added for Fluent Validation Rules

In Laravel 9.41, we now have a few convenient static constructors added for things like enum rules, files, and image files. Let's dig in and see how they work.

A Look at What's Coming to Laravel 10

Laravel v10 is the next major version of Laravel. In this post, we outline everything we know about the next major Laravel release.

Using OpenAI in Laravel

AI is it a buzzword, or is it something we should be thinking about? With the release of the OpenAI package, we can dive into AI-powered Laravel applications


Supercharging Your Artisan Commands With Termwind

In this article, we'll take a look at what Termwind is, how to install it, and how to use it in your Artisan commands. We'll then update an old example Artisan command step-by-step to use Termwind and see how it improves the output.

PhpStorm 2022.3 is released with a new UI, PHP 8.2 support, and more

PhpStorm version 2022.3 is here this week with a new UI, PHP 8.2 support, quick-fix previews, code vision, reader mode for PHPDocs, and more.

PHP 8.2 is released with read-only classes, new stand-alone types, trait constants, and more

The PHP team has released PHP 8.2 today with read-only classes, new stand-alone types, a new random extension, trait constants, and more.

Require Signatures and Associate Them With Eloquent Models

Laravel pad signature is a package to sign documents associated with an Eloquent model and optionally generate certified PDFs.

Sanitize and Format Data in PHP with the Transformer Package

Transformer is a PHP package for sanitizing and formatting data powered by Laravel's validation components.

Unlock The Power Of TDD

Test-Driven development has become my preferred way of programming, and I want to show you why in my latest video course PEST Driven Laravel

Attach Time-sliced Metadata to Eloquent Models

Laravel Multiplex is a Laravel package to attach time-sliced metadata to Eloquent models.

Manage any Laravel app as if it was a CMS

Paragraph offers a new paradigm – instead of managing view templates, language files, translation keys and all that other boring stuff, let’s try to think about our product from a higher level, from a customer level really – let’s start working with pages, emails and user journeys instead!

Creating a Password Generator

Password generation is something we all think about doing at some point, but how can we go about doing it and making these passwords easy to remember and secure

Laravel Waterline: UI for Workflows

Laravel Waterline is an elegant UI for monitoring Laravel Workflows using the laravel-workflows package.

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