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Full stack


  • Full name: Yurij Finiv
  • Birthday: 14.05.1991 (32)
  • Joined: 01.12.2020 (2 года назад)
  • Mobile: +380979856297
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: Ukraine, Lutsk
  • Languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian
  • Elsewhere:

Professional Fullstack developer with experience in website development and desktop development. I have experience with various tools and technologies such as Bootstrap, Tailwind, HTML5, CSS3, PUG, JS, AlpineJs, jQuery, PHP, MODX, Laravel, NodeJS, Git, Docker, hQuery, Guzzle, Livewire, Blade, Twig, Fenom, and Smarty. I have experience in website development using Symfony, MODX and Laravel.


  • Participant in the development and translation of MODX3 into Ukrainian (April 2019 - February 2021)
  • Desktop development and automation using Delphi and Lazarus (2006 - 2011)
  • Development of front/backend websites (2008 - present)
  • Working with Symfony (2011)
  • Working with MODX (2012 - 2020)
  • Working with Laravel (2020 - today)

I have experience in creating turnkey sites, online stores and non-standard projects on Laravel/MODX. I also have experience in treating viruses on sites (MODX and possibly other CMS), developing bots for Telegram, and parsing sites.


  • "Software Engineering" specialty (2008 - 2013)

Additional skills and achievements:

  • Development of interfaces and animations using CSS and JavaScript
  • Working with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Configuring and deploying Apache and Nginx web servers
  • Configuring SSL/TLS security certificates
  • API development and configuration
  • Working with the Git version control system
  • Participation in open web projects (minisho2, MODX, and others)
  • Active study of new technologies and programming tools
  • I have a desire to continue professional development and improve my skills in the field of web development. 

I have a desire to continue professional development and improve my skills in the field of web development. I am ready to accept new challenges and solve difficult tasks, as well as work in a team to achieve a common goal. I believe that my knowledge and experience can be useful for your company, so I would be happy to join your team.