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Laravel Cross-Eloquent Search is a package to search through multiple Eloquent models. This package supports sorting, pagination, scoped queries, eager load relationships, and searching through single or multiple columns:

// Returns \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection
    ->add(Post::class, 'title')
    ->add(Video::class, 'title')
// Add multiple models at once
    [Post::class, 'title'],
    [Video::class, 'title'],

Often, you'll want to paginate results, and this package makes doing so a cinch:

Search::add(Post::class, 'title')
    ->add(Video::class, 'title')
    // or
    ->paginate(perPage: 15, pageName: 'page', page: = 1)

The readme has tons of information about using this package that I'd recommend checking out:

  • Search through one or more Eloquent models
  • Support for cross-model pagination
  • Search through single or multiple columns
  • Order by (cross-model) columns or by relevance
  • Use constraints and scoped queries
  • Eager load relationships for each model
  • In-database sorting of the combined result
  • Zero third-party dependencies

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub. The author of this package also wrote a blog post that goes into more detail about using this package.


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